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Totalspan Australia Transitions to New Ownership

23 September 2019

Totalspan Australia Transitions to New Ownership

Totalspan Australia has confirmed a new ownership with an ambitious strategic vision. A deal was concluded in September, that will see new owner, Donald Stewart take the reigns as of 27th September 2019.

Donald has had a long and illustrious career, in a wide range of management roles in a variety of industries including dairy and other agriculture, footwear, mining, conveyer belts, roofing membranes and vacuum pumps.

Most notably, he was the CEO of Skellerup Holdings for 18-years, and he helped revive Canterbury Rugby when he sat as Chairman and Director of the Board in 1995 through to 1999.

Stewart is well versed in the running’s of Totalspan Australia and the wider Spanbild Group of Companies, having sat on the board as a Non-Executive Director since 2011.

This announcement promises an exciting new change for the Brisbane based, Australian Steel Building manufacturer, with Donald keen to stress that while there will be strategic changes employed as part of the business’ growth strategy, the company is maintaining a business as usual focus – providing a great experience every time. “Just Doing it Right!” 

“I have the greatest admiration for our previous owner Bill Gee, and I intend to work collaboratively with the Spanbild Group to ensure success on both sides of the Tasman.

“As a new chapter unfolds for our company, I can’t help but get excited for the Australian business and all stakeholders”, Donald said.

“New technology and engineering will improve our network’s ability to provide a product and service that really is not currently available in the Australian market. We will continue to evolve as a company to offer robust building designs and exceptional service in a never-ending attempt to serve our customers in new and innovative ways. We have and always will concentrate on keeping our stakeholders growing by providing personal and local support.”

Support for the new leadership is evident, with Totalspan Australia’s General Manager, Richard Gray endorsing the new leadership, as a push in the right direction.

“I am incredibly pleased that Donald has taken the helm of Totalspan Australia. He has been an integral part of the business as a Director on the Board, and he has the vision to take us to the next level. His professional career is testament to his business acumen and ability. He understands the challenges we face in order to put us at the forefront of the industry, and he is willing to take us there.

“Totalspan Australia has been a very successful business under the Gee Family, and this change marks the end of an era in the Australian industry.  The decision has been met with a range of emotions for our people after such a long association and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity and support that Bill and Gillian have provided to us all. Having said that, we will still be closely aligned and will continue to work collaboratively with the Spanbild group in ongoing strategically aligned projects, so they will remain an important part of our business moving forward” explained Mr Gray.