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Machinery Sheds

When Bigger is Better Machinery Sheds

Who can help you house large harvesting and cultivation equipment, tractors or trucks? Totalspan Can!

The Ultimate Machine Shed

If you are in the business of agriculture, chances are you have a whole lot of farm machinery and cultivation equipment that needs to be secured. Totalspan can design large machine sheds to suit your farm business needs. Our portal steel framed farm machinery buildings are strong and look great. Engineered for ultimate flexibility, for both now and in the future. Our buildings can be designed with both enclosed and open bays, multiple bay configurations and uneven bay widths.

As a result, we can design our sheds around your machine, ensuring you get a building that works for you. Furthermore, we can allow for heights up to 7.5m and clear spans up to 30m. We make 'em big and we make 'em strong.

Gable End Machinery Sheds

The gable end is a popular machinery shed choice, due to it’s robust design and great finish. Additionally, these great sheds offer excellent clearance for even the biggest of machines. Our Platinum Range of Machinery Sheds come with C-Sections that are 15% stronger than the industry standard. Our farm buildings are ShedSafe Accredited and are backed by a 50-year structural guarantee.

Secure your farm equipment. Get a quote online or call 1300 15 15 25.

Ready to talk to an expert and get a quote?

Talk to our Shed Specialists and they will guide you through the process and help design a steel building that meets your needs. Request a quote online or give our guys a call.

When it comes to a machinery shed, you need a structure that works for you! Talk to our professional shed specialists about your machine, and they will work with you to design a building with enough room and clearance to fit your large equipment. Our designs are ultra-flexible, and we can allow for variable bay configurations and even offer both enclosed and open bays - whatever works for you. On top of all that, we offer a range of optional extras, see below for more details.


Want to find out more about how we can further customise? Enquire now for a chat with our shed specialists.