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Aussie Barn Sheds and American Barns

Who can provide you with a Barn that stands out? Totalspan Can!

Aussie Style Barn Sheds

Barns are insanely popular in Australia. They are tremendously versatile and look great. Used predominantly as a building for agricultural purposes, these barns are great storage or lifestyle solutions. Totalspan's range of barns are the perfect complement for any landscape or use; our heritage or American barns are recognised for their stunning looks, strength and style.

If you are looking for a farm shed with great street appeal, that is highly practical and affordable, then a Totalspan barn is a great choice!

The Best Barn Sheds in Australia

Yes it is a bold statement, but our portal framed steel buildings are one of a kind. We’ve been designing buildings for the rural sector for over 30 years, and in that time we have got a great appreciation and understanding for what you our customers are looking for in a farm building. We can custom design too! Which means, you get a barn as per your specifications. Moreover, we have various additional extras to help you create a structure that works for you.

We also have an extensive range of rural buildings for the implements and work around the farm or a secure place to shelter the toys for play. Our kitset barns come in a selection of heights, lengths and access options. You can also maximise your internal space with a mezzanine floor. Get a quote online or call 1300 15 15 25.

Ready to talk to an expert and get a quote?

Talk to our Shed Specialists and they will guide you through the process and help design a steel building that meets your needs. Request a quote online or give our guys a call.