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Skillion Roof Garages

Designing a Contemporary Skillion Roof Garage

Who can customise a skillion roof garage for you? Totalspan Can!

Suburban Skillion Garages

Looking for a suburban garage that stands out? Totalspan custom design skillion roof garages that are a great addition to your residential property. Our contemporary designs make them unique, functional and extremely flexible.

Skillion garages are also referred to as a mono-pitch garages, and the roof line can be designed up to 10m span.

Why Choose a Skillion Roof Design

A great advantage of a mono-pitch garage is that they can circumvent drainage problems associated with other roof types, by enabling the water to easily drain off the roof. As a result, fewer materials are required in skillion designs.

Additionally, skillion garages are a great design for those seeking natural light. These roofs are ideal for skylights! Another advantage is the simplicity of the skillion design, a great choice for the do-it-yourselfers!

Totalspan's Mono-Pitch Roof Garage

If you are looking for a residential skillion garage then we're sure to design a garage that will stand out! Our skillion roof buildings are built to last, with dependable materials and superior craftsmanship ensuring they are protected from Australia's harsh natural elements.

Stand out with a modern mono pitch garage that is sure to impress. Get a quote online or call 1300 15 15 25.

Ready to talk to an expert and get a quote?

Talk to our Shed Specialists and they will guide you through the process and help design a steel building that meets your needs. Request a quote online or give our guys a call.