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The Futureproof Triple Garage Mackay

Triple Bay Garage Designed for Future Toys

Triple Garage Mackay

If camping, boating and cars are your thing, then a strong and sturdy steel building is an absolute must to protect them from the harsh Mackay sun. North Queensland local, Sean Sorensen needed a new building to house his cars and camper trailer. Thinking of the future and the accumulation of his big boys’ toys, Sean made sure the design would also have enough clearance and room to fit a boat and a caravan.

Custom Designed Triple Garage

Sean called upon the champs at Totalspan Mackay to custom design and build his triple garage. Totalspan Mackay Franchise owner, Ken Thorning said the garage was unique on many accounts and the finished triple bay garage was a stand out with eaves all around, a feature designed to help the triple garage blend in to the surrounds.

“Sean wanted a 10m x 9.5m x 3.4m triple garage, which also featured 2 x roller doors of varying sizes. We designed his shed specifically to fit his camper van and cars, and to future proof it as well.

“The variable roller door heights and the all-round eaves are definitely a stand out feature. One that myself and my team are very proud of!” explained Ken.

To ensure easy access to the main house Ken added a personal access door, and to give the customised triple garage extra light, a number of windows were also added.

Totalspan Mackay Expertise

As the building needed council relaxation, there were a few obstacles that needed to be navigated, therefore Sean needed to partner with a company with great building knowledge and experience. What better choice that the super stars at Totalspan Mackay, who have a stellar reputation in Mackay and the surrounding areas.

“The need to navigate local council relaxation rules to be able to fit the designed building on site was a huge challenge for us. Luckily for Sean, my team and I were equipped with local knowledge and evidence of similar projects, and we were successful in our application.

Additionally, Totalspan’s buildings are designed and engineered to be strong, and include boxed C-Sections with swaged components, for enhanced structural integrity.

When asked what he was particularly proud of about this building, Ken answered:

“We were able design a building that fitted our customer requirements! The pride in our customer’s face and his big smile was evidence that he too was extremely proud of the finished project,” explained a beaming Ken.

When it comes to future proofing your shed and making sure you can fit all your toys and tools inside, make sure you contact a true shed professional and contact the team at Totalspan. We are the kings of custom designed steel buildings.