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Logan City Council's Munruben Building

Commercial Building for Logan Council     

Logan City Council's Munruben Building

When it comes to commercial steel buildings, the team at Totalspan Jimboomba are the specialists. We interviewed franchise owner, John Fiori about his recent project for Logan City Council.

Tell us about the Design of the Building

  • Large commercial warehouse building at a Logan Council depot.
  • The gable shed has 6 different-sized partitions and a large open awning.
  • The total size of the structure is 35m long x 12m wide x 4.3m high (at the eaves and 5.7m at the apex) 
  • Main portal size is 35m long x 6m wide with a 36m long x 6m wide open awning.
  • It features 6 roller doors and 8 windows
  • A large 5m wide roller door opens to a large store room used for forklift loading and pallet stacking.
  • The five partitions with 3m wide roller doors are used to house heavy plant and machinery and for servicing and maintenance.

What makes this building so strong?

The building was from the new in-between range. This range is Shed Safe Accredited and meets other more stringent structural specifications and requirements.

Additionally, a specifically designed concrete slab which was assessed by an independent engineer was layed in order to meet Logan Council’s requirement for their heavy plant equipment fleet.

The concrete slab is 175mm thick, 40MPa with F82 mesh.

Tell us about the build process? How did your team enjoy erecting this building?

Totalspan Jimboomba was successful in a competitive tender for proposed works to Council earlier this year. Council assisted with the build by undertaking their own site works to Totalspan’s requirements and specifications.

Council also provided a safe and secure working environment, and were happy to allow us use of their plant and machinery equipment. The relationship was very positive and collaborative throughout the project.

What is your favourite feature of this building?

We’re proud to have built such an important and critical structure for one of the region’s largest council depots. This commercial building is structurally fit to house some of Council’s largest plant and machinery. Furthermore, the cottage green colour blends well with the trees and leafy green surrounds. It’s pleasing to the eye, especially among the sea of Council’s heavy plant equipment depot.

What was the solution offered to the customer with this building?

The critical requirement was the independently-engineered concrete slab capable of supporting the weight of the heavy plant and machinery, which was over and above the requirement of conventional residential concrete shed slabs.

The concrete slab was calculated from first principles and the design/engineering considered such factors as frequent/repetitive usage, vibration and impact factors.

Totalspan engaged the services of an independent engineering consultant to undertake a peer review and analysis of the concrete slab and its proposed to ensure it was fit-for-purpose.

Council’s requirement was to house heavy plant and equipment in an enclosed area by the Christmas 2018 deadline and allow variable sized partitions to be built to suit the range of machinery at the depot, of which we delivered.

Tell us what makes this building a project that you are particularly proud of.

The ability to maintain and enhance a positive, collaborative and professional relationship with Logan Council.

Working with Council to meet their expectations and timeline.

For these reasons, we will continue to be a part of Council’s future proposed works. 

A project of this stature requires a great relationship from both sides, and John worked extremely well with the team at the Logan City Council. Phil Peters, Maintenance Coordinator for Road Construction & Maintenance Logan City Council, was the main point of contact, and when we interviewed him, here’s what he had to say:

What were you looking for in terms of a partnership and building?

A contractor with the ability to meet the required specifications and timelines in a collaborative environment.

Additionally, we needed to have the confidence to be able to provide Totalspan Jimboomba with exact sized partitions for service bays, and a concrete slab tough enough to house our machines by Christmas 2018 and for them to deliver on all these requirements.

What was it like working with the Totalspan Team?

Totalspan Jimboomba kept to the stipulated timeframe and specified requirements, whilst maintaining an incident-free and safe work site.

The team was always very professional and positive.

A collaborative and cooperative relationship was maintained which made communication easy.

We’re happy to have the Totalspan Jimboomba team back for future upgrades and/or new buildings as needed. 

What were you most happy with in regard to the final product?

The flexibility in design and construction afforded to Council in the proposed works by Totalspan Jimboomba.

The versatility of the building to suit all of Council’s needs.

The final look of the building and how it blends into the environment.