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The Big Boys Toy Shed Newcastle

The Big Boys Toy Shed Newcastle

There was no toying around when it came to building this big boy’s toy shed! Designed specifically to park Totalspan Newcastle’s lucky customer’s many vehicles, motorcycles and machinery.

At Totalspan it’s all about our customer. In this case, they needed sufficient height to install and operate a hoist. The concrete slab required thickened reinforced sections to accommodate the hoist manufacturer’s recommendations.

Customised Building Solution

The man behind the project, Totalspan Newcastle’s Don Lincoln explained that his customer wanted the freedom and flexibility to “add-on” to his shed in the future.

“A higher building pitch was agreed on with the view to extend at a later stage to convert the proposed shed into a barn style building by the addition of awnings.

“A 25 degree pitched roof was suggested as It needed the higher pitch and lower wall height to satisfy council requirements. The “loft” suggestion was welcomed, as it resulted in a significant saving over a building having a larger floor area and lower height,” explained Don.

Additional Features

This beauty of a steel building measures 9m x 9m x 3.6m and features large windows to provide natural light and a nice airflow. Additionally, a PA door was added to provide access from the house without having to use the roller doors.

Colours to Please

Pale Eucalypt was the colour of choice and, according to Don, was a real customer pleaser!

“The building colour was a no brainer, as the pale eucalypt blends seamlessly into the rural environment. But the design is a real stand out!” explained Don.

Proud Totalspan Customer

Overall the project was a complete success! Don was impressed by the ease of the build and neat finish of this building, while his customer couldn’t wait to start using his shed.

“The owner loves the building and had “The Toys” being motorcycles and machinery moved in the same day as the building completion. The cee wall girts look really neat and provide shelving for the stereo and adhoc parts.”

Totalspan Newcastle

When it comes to customised steel buildings, the team at Totalspan Newcastle have got you covered! Contact them today and get him to design you the perfect steel building to house and protect your “toys”. Call 1300 15 15 25.