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Multi-Purpose Lifestyle Shed in Toowoomba

Multi-Purpose Lifestyle Shed in Toowoomba

Totalspan Toowoomba Shed

Now this is a true Totalspan multi-purpose shed! Measuring 16L x 6W x 2.7H with five bays. More often than not, it is difficult to agree on one idea when it comes to planning a new shed. This customer had the perfect solution – create a multi-purpose shed with four separate rooms so that everyone can have their dream shed!

This shed comprises of five bays with each bay serving a different function:

Timber Workshop

The first two bays is used as a Timber Workshop which also includes storage space. A shed is an ideal place to have a workshop for plenty of space for tools and shelving. Skylights and windows can be added so that natural light is included to ensure your workspace has optimal lighting. Having a space outside your home to work in is a dream for many Australians and this customer certainly made it a reality!

Totalspan Timber Workshop

Boat Storage

The next room is an open bay and has is a must for many Aussies living near water – boat storage! After a very wet summer for many of us across Australia, it is becoming more important to have a shelter for boats, caravans and cars to keep covered during storms and heavy rains.

Meditation Studio

The next bay is used as a healing, meditation and massage studio. This room has been insulated and boarded to be used as a professional work studio. Air conditioner, lights and bespoke flooring has also been added which has transformed this room for customers to enjoy and feel relaxed in.

Garden Shed

The last bay in this multi-purpose shed is a garden shed. Lawn mowers, tools and gardening supplies can fill up and clutter garages quickly. A separate garden shed is an easy and cost effective way to make your garage more organised and your home cleaner!

Garden Shed Storage

Optional Shed Extras

This fully customised multi-purpose lifestyle shed included optional extras such as:

  • 1 x glass sliding door
  • Multiple windows
  • Internal partitions
  • Vermon proofing

The colours chosen for this shed is Smooth Cream walls, Zinc roof and Slate Grey doors and trims. Take a look at our colour options here

Totalspan Toowoomba

Nick and his team at Totalspan Toowoomba showed great workmanship and design with this project. If you're interested in a similar shed call your local shed specialist on 1300 15 15 25! Who can? Totalspan!