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Commercial Shed with 8m Opening

Commercial Customisation Charters Towers

Specifications for the Commercial Shed

When a customer by the name of Steven Curley from Curley Cattle Transport Pty Ltd, approached the team at Totalspan Charters Towers, he was looking for a commercial building with an 8.1m opening to ensure enough clearance for his forklift which carries 8m long bundles of steel.

Steven intended to use the proposed steel structure as a storage facility for his trucking company and needed a safe and secure house to store steel and tyres.

The customer was quite particular with the visual aspect of the shed. Their business is Livestock transport and while it can be a messy occupation their yard and premises are kept to a very high standard. 

The shed is located on the highway frontage of the block and needed to be visually pleasing as well as functional.

Building Obstacles

The most important specification for this building was the 8.1m opening, Steven Curley did not want the doors to extend past the shed, as some of the larger sliding doors do. In order for the team to achieve this, it would have required them to add posts and tracks that were freestanding from the shed – a look that did not sit well with Steven.

Building Design and Dimensions

The winning design resulted in a 30m x 12m x 4.8m shed with an 8.1m opening.

The team at Totalspan Charters Towers strategically used Eltrack sliding doors, which allowed them to provide the opening size required while still providing a streamlined look to the shed. They also included a Larnec Sentry PA door, which offered a secure door with a neat and tidy finish.

The addition of bolts has resulted in a robust building that not only looks stronger, but actually is! Moreover, the 150 C-Sections used in the purlins and girts, streamlined the erection process and is a great finish.

With the engineering flexibility to offer larger bay sizes, and bay sizes with varying sizes, allowed the team at Charters Towers to meet Steven’s requirements.

Contact Totalspan Charters Towers

Who can customise a shed to meet your business needs? Totalspan Charters Towers can! Steve Curley was not just a customer, but a businessman investing in a secure commercial storage shed that would help with the growth of his business.

If you are looking for a customised steel building solution, then please contact the friendly team at Totalspan Charters Towers.