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Electrical & Lighting

Lighting & Electrical

Your Totalspan shed specialist can offer the full solution including organising external consultants to complete your investment with Electrical fit out such as G.P.O outlets, Fluorescent lighting, and other relevant electrical switchgear.



Contact your local Totalspan shed specialist to discuss lighting options, as each outlet may offer different solutions.

Electrical Cabling

Electrical Cabling

Need to complete your buildings with some electrical outlets? Our shed specialists have partnered with local trades, and can help to organise electrical fit outs such as GPO outlets and electrical switchgear.

Ready to talk to an expert and get a quote?

Talk to our Shed Specialists and they will guide you through the process and help design a steel building that meets your needs. Request a quote online or give our guys a call.

Explore our other customisation options

We have a range of optional extras that will help ventilate, brighten and organise your new building. And of course, we offer a range of colours so that you get a building that blends into it's environment.

Find Totalspan in your area

Get in contact with your local Totalspan team today - visit their display and discuss your project. They'll work with you to help you find a building solution that's right for you!