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Totalspan's 2022 Awards - List of Winners

10 December 2022

Totalspan's 2022 Award Winners

On Thursday 8th December, 2022 we had our Annual Totalspan Awards.

Celebrating the tremendous service and incredible product offering our shed professionals have delivered throughout the country. Totalspan are delighted to announce the winners of our awards below.

Building of the Year - Totalspan Warragul

This massive shed is a Commercial Warehouse measuring 42m long x 30m wide x 5.5m high in Heritage Red. Click here to read more about this incredible shedCongratulation to the Totalspan Warragul team!

Commercial Building of the Year:

Totalspan Sunshine Coast

Take a look at The Palm Creek Estate which is a weddings, function and events venue in Yandina Creek designed and built by our Totalspan Sunshine Coast team. 


Commercial Runner Up - Totalspan Ipswich

Take a look at the new Ranger Station on Stradbroke Island built by our Totalspan Ipswich team. This shed measures 20L x 13.5W x 6H.


Rural Building of the Year - Totalspan Ballarat

This gigantic barn was built in Heritage Red by our Totalspan Ballarat team. The shed measures 19.5L x 12W x 4.5H.

Rural Runner Up - Totalspan Canberra

Totalspan Canberra designed and built this fantastic 3 door shed with custom brick base. This shed measures 9L x 12W x 3.6H in Monolith. 



Residential Building of the Year - Totalspan Cairns

Congratulations to the Totalspan Cairns team for this more challenging residential build on the side of a hill. 

Residential Runner Up - Totalspan Gold Coast

Totalspan Gold Coast built this great Residential shed with a 40-degree roof pitch. This shed measures 8L x 7W x 3H.



Franchise of the Year 2022 - Totalspan Cairns

Another win for Totalspan Cairns! Congratulations to Steven Capocchi and his team for another fantastic year.

Runner Up Franchise of the Year 2022 - Totalspan Ballarat

Congratulations to Totalspan Ballarat who are Runner Up Franchise of the Year for 2022.

We can't wait to see what our incredible teams build around Australia in 2023.


Who can? Totalspan!