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Top Tips When Building an Art Studio Shed

13 July 2023

Top tips to consider when planning your own backyard art studio shed

Creating an ideal art studio shed for your backyard requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a space that is conducive to creativity and productivity.

What are some of the main requirements to consider when starting to plan an art shed?

1. Sufficient Space

The shed should provide enough room to accommodate your artistic endeavours comfortably. Consider the size and scale of the artworks you create, as well as the materials and equipment you'll be using.

2. Good Lighting

Natural light is highly desirable, as it offers the best colour accuracy and enhances the overall ambiance. Large windows or skylights can maximise the amount of daylight entering the space. Additionally, adjustable artificial lighting should be available for working during the evenings or in dimly lit environments.


3. Adequate Ventilation

Art materials such as paints, solvents, and adhesives can release fumes that may be hazardous to your health. Good ventilation, such as windows that open or an exhaust fan, helps maintain air quality and create a comfortable working environment.

4. Storage and Organisation

A well-organised studio is essential for easy access to materials, tools, and reference materials. Consider having shelves, drawers, cabinets, and storage containers to keep your supplies neatly arranged and readily available.

5. Work Surfaces

Ample workspace, such as sturdy tables or easels, is crucial for creating art comfortably. Different art forms may require specific surfaces, such as a pottery wheel or a large flat table for painting.

Artwork is by the talented Gabrielle Jones. Click here to view her artwork.

6. Utility Sink

If you work with materials that require frequent cleaning or use water extensively, having a utility sink nearby can be extremely convenient.

7. Safety Measures

Safety should always be a priority. Equip your studio with necessary safety gear such as gloves, goggles, aprons, and a first-aid kit. Additionally, ensure that your studio has fire extinguishers and follows local safety regulations.

8. Inspiring Environment

Decorate your art studio in a way that fosters creativity and inspiration. Surround yourself with artwork, reference materials, and objects that evoke positive emotions and reflect your artistic style.

Remember, while these are general requirements, each artist's needs may vary based on their preferred medium and artistic practices. Totalspan offers total choice - our team will work with you to customise the perfect build or kitset for your requirements. Contact your local Totalspan team and start planning your creative space today. Call the team on 1300 15 15 25 or fill in an online contact us form.

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