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Your Guide to Shed Colours and Cladding Options

27 May 2024

Totalspan Colours and Cladding 

Explore our extensive range of colours available to help you envision your new dream shed. Choosing a colour for your new Garage, Workshop or Steel Building can be a hard decision! We've included multiple images for each colour to show how different lighting can subtly alter its appearance. Plus, our guide features the most popular colours and cladding options to make your decision a breeze.

Shed Colour Range:

*Please note that actual colours may vary slightly depending on your computer or mobile display. 

Armour Grey:

A subtle blue-grey reminiscent of misty lakeside mornings. Armour Grey works cohesively alongside cool toned colour palettes and natural textures.


A classic cool-toned grey that celebrates the sleek, polished textures of natural stone. Basal is well suited to contemporary designs and works cohesively alongside neutral colour schemes.


A pale neutral grey inspired by the natural papery texture of the birch tree. Birch works elegantly alongside soft colour palettes that reflect the natural beauty of the Australian landscape.

Caulfield Green:

A vibrant deep green suggestive of a botanical paradise. Caulfield Green makes for the perfect accent shade alongside neutral tones and textures, in particular, pale natural stone.


A complex yellow-grey that evokes imagery of undulating golden plains. Dusk pairs tastefully with crisp contemporary colour palettes and pale natural textures.


A dense black inspired by the splendour of a clear night sky. Ebony is the ideal pairing for subtle, neutral tones to create a timeless colour palette that exudes prestige and elegance.

Gull Grey:

A nuanced pale grey-green that encapsulates a feeling of peace and serenity. Gull Grey offers versatility in design choice whether used en masse to create a modern classic feel, or more subtly to emphasise contrasting trims.


Hamptons White: The purest white on the market. Hamptons White offers a fresh, calm and bright colour option.

Heritage Red:

A deep reddish-brown reminiscent of a rich red wine. Heritage Red has the power to add refined visual interest and vibrancy to neutral colour schemes.

Iron Grey:

A cool-toned steely grey that captures the moodiness of a summer storm. Iron Grey exudes urban sophistication and lends itself beautifully to contemporary architectures.

Jasmin Brown:

An earthy grey-brown embodying the softness of meandering riverbeds. Jasmin Brown pairs seamlessly with fresh contemporary colour schemes and blonde timbers.


An earthy sandstone inspired by the complex texture and tone of natural stone. Merino perfectly strikes a balance between a classic and organic feel.

Mist Green:

A classic sage green that imbues a tranquil stillness. Mist Green is the perfect hue for aesthetics inspired by bush landscapes and contemporary Australian façades.


A bold, cool-toned deep grey that calls to mind the crisp lines and presence of dark natural stone. Monolith works beautifully with an array of colour palettes and natural textures, offering flexibility to create impact or harmonise within any environment.

Mountain Blue:

A refined blue-grey denim that exudes class and style. The sophisticated choice for modern coastal homes, Mountain Blue is well suited to both traditional and contemporary architectures.

Off White:

The quintessential warm white with the versatility to add class and character to any façade. Off-White perfectly complements the full spectrum of grey tones and natural materials, in particular pale timbers, and stone.

Slate Grey:

A complex grey-green suggestive of the natural beauty of the Australian bush. Slate Grey works well alongside neutral colour palettes and tastefully celebrates the tones of our natural landscape and native flora.

Smooth Cream:

A classic cream with warm yellow undertones. Smooth Cream exudes a timeless elegance that makes a house a home making it the ideal choice for traditional architectures.


The perfect soft neutral grey. The subtle earthiness of Wallaroo makes it ideal for grounding a colour scheme to sit harmoniously within any environment and a variety of materials.


We proudly use UniCote steel as our main steel supplier. Please note that the colour names and descriptions are trademarked by Selection Steel.


What are the Most Popular Shed Colours?

Totalspan’s top shed colours for 2024 so far are:

#1 Monolith: This very deep grey is having its moment. It strikes a balance between the starkness of black and the lighter greys, offering a classic and sophisticated look.

#2 Off White: On the opposite end of the spectrum from Monolith, our second most popular colour is Off White. This warm white hue beautifully contrasts with the greenery around your home, creating a fresh and inviting appearance.

#3 Slate Grey: Slightly lighter than Monolith, Slate Grey is another favourite this year. With its subtle blue undertones, it provides a softer, yet equally stylish, alternative to darker greys.

What Cladding Options Can I Choose?

We have four cladding profiles that our customers can choose from. These are:

7-Rib Cladding


Corrugate Cladding


Spanclad Cladding


Totalclad Cladding

For more information, please contact your local Totalspan team on 1300 15 15 25 or fill in an online contact form. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and special offers.

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