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Easy Guide to Roof Options and Pitches

13 January 2021

Easy Guide to Roof Options and Pitches

Starting to research sheds and seeing ‘skillion, gable, 42-degree pitch’ and feeling a bit lost? Well, you aren’t alone! There is a lot of jargon when it comes to sheds but here at Totalspan we want to make building your dream shed simple and enjoyable.

We love to customise our sheds to turn people’s dream into a reality, so we have a few different roof options our customers can select from.

What is the difference between a Skillion vs. Gable Roof?

Skillion roofs have one single flat surface that slopes to one side. They are also referred to as a mono-pitch, and the roof line can be designed up to a 12m span.

Gable roofs are the more traditional roof you see on houses or sheds. A gable roof is when two sloping sides come together at a ridge, effectively creating a triangular extension at the top.

A common misconception is that a Skillion shed is cheaper than a Gable roof. While that might be true on some buildings, generally larger spans are cheaper as a Gable roof. Keep that in mind when shopping around for pricing.

Why choose a Skillion Roof?

A great advantage is that they can circumvent drainage problems associated with other roof types, by enabling water to run off to one side providing better catchment for rainwater tanks and the like. If you are looking at adding solar panels, this roof design can aid in providing more area for photovoltaic panels facing the optimal direction for harvesting solar power.

Skillion roofs are often considered to be a more contemporary look that stands out from a typical shed design – a unique, modern option!

Why choose a Gable Roof?

A Gable roof is probably the most traditional roof shape. It helps keep your shed cooler as the hot air will rise to the peak in the middle of the roof. This roof design is far more economical on spans exceeding 12m. Installation, handling, freight and logistics all benefit from this design resulting in a cheaper overall building.

Roof Pitch Options

A roof pitch is determined by the angle from the highest to the lowest point of the sloping roof. At Totalspan you can select up to a 45-degree roof pitch through a dedicated custom design team.

Totalspan offers 10, 15 and 25 Degree pitch as standard on gable roof sheds. Traditionally you would choose a steeper roof pitch if you lived in an area with a lot of snow fall so it can slide off the roof easily to avoid damage. Local council may mandate a higher pitch to match Heritage listed buildings. However, we find some of our customers select the roof pitch for the overall design aesthetic.

Generally, a larger pitch will provide a stronger building, reduce wind pressure, and provide lower uplift values.

Examples of Roof Pitches

Gable Roof: 42-degree pitch

Gable Roof: 25-degree pitch

Gable Roof: 15-degree pitch

Gable Roof: 10-degree pitch

Skillion Roof: 15-degree pitch

Skillion Roof: 7.5-degree pitch

Skillion Roof: 5-degree pitch

Still have questions? Contact your local Shed Specialist or call 1300 15 15 25. We can custom design our sheds to suit your needs! Who can? Totalspan!