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The Good Sports Shed at Totalspan Cairns

Custom Sports Sheds in Cairns

Who better to talk to about custom sports sheds than the team at Totalspan Cairns. As always, these Totalspan superstars didn’t just sell their customers a shed, they helped solve a problem and fulfil the Cairns District Juniour Leagues Club need of creating shelter and storage for their sporting groups.

And by all accounts, they have done a sporting good job!

Franchise owner for the northern Queensland franchise, Steven Capocchi was the mastermind behind the sporting structure’s design and build.

“The Cairns District Junior Rugby League Club commissioned us to work on three projects; The storage sheds which are to accommodate various sporting groups, players’ shelter and a medical shed."

Sports Storage Shed

“The storage shed is a simple 6m long x 3m wide gable shed with a partition wall down the middle. This creates 2 separate rooms, with a roller door access into each room. We have created 4 separate lock up secure shelters to accommodate a number of different sporting groups who use the facility,” he said.

According to the Steven, these smaller gable sheds are a favourite with the builders as they are fairly easy to erect and have a fairly quick erect time.

“These sheds are definitely a favourite to build. They are simple and easy to erect.

Players Sports Shelters

“The players sports shelters are a specific design as requested by the relevant committees. We have used a simple 6 post design and offset each leg 600mm on each side, as a result the players have much better vision of the field.

 “The dimensions of the open skillion shelters are 8m long x 4m wide x 3m high,” explained Steven.

Medical Sports Steel Building

The new medical sports building is yet to be constructed, but the committee has signed off on the final design.

“The new medical shed will be situated closer to the main field and grandstand. The medical shed will consist of stretchers, a first aid room with ample room for a Medi-cab. The building will be 3m wide x 15m long x 2.4m high.”

Totalspan Cairns

Totalspan Cairns don’t sell sheds, they fulfil needs! That’s why they are such a valuable member in their local community. Steven and his team always enjoy working closely with the local sporting groups and look forward to taking on more projects to help the local communities.

Does your sporting club or school need a new customised sports building? If so, then contact the friendly and very knowledge team at Totalspan today! Call 1300 15 15 25.