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Ipswich Shed with a View

The Totalspan Ipswich Shed with a View!

There are few things that knock you for six when you see them; however, this gorgeous custom designed steel building overlooking the picturesque Mount Whitestone district is one of them. 

To say the sight is breathtaking is a pure understatement! The aesthetics of the building perfectly suit the natural surrounds, and it is the essence of Australia.  In the words of Darryl Kerrigan (The Castle) … “How’s the serenity?”

The property is the perfect escape for the Percy family who bought this land as a place to retreat and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  Vida and Raylene wanted to build a little haven on their piece of heaven to enjoy with their five children.

“We adore the peace and quiet. My husband and I love this area. We wanted to build a shed that was large enough for us to come and comfortably escape, but we also wanted the building to blend in with the surrounding environment.

“We are simply blown away by the view every time we come here. Paul and his team did an amazing job and we’re really happy with the final product,” said Raylene.

Paul Fischer from Totalspan Ipswich beams with pride as he details what went into turning the Percy’s vision into a reality.

“This gable roof shed measures 20.5m x 9m x 4.4m and features large roller doors at each end for easy access.  It is in a prime location, however, it is located in a position with a particularly high wind-rating, and while it may feel as though you simply couldn’t select a better position for this shed, selecting the right site for this building took a lot of research to make sure it abided by council requirements.”

“We take great pride in ensuring our designs are strong, safe and secure. We had to wind-rate this job correctly.  For extra security, we went to the expense of putting cyclonic wind-lock doors on this building because of the wind-rating,” explained Paul.

Having amazing views and a prime piece of land also comes at a cost.  Located half way up the mountain and on hilly terrain, the site did not allow for an easy build.

“The site was not easily accessible.  At one stage we had the concrete trucks backing up the hill, so the concrete didn’t flow out of the rear of the truck.  Thankfully, we had taken this into consideration and we were well prepared,” enlightened Paul.

The Percy family also has a large caravan they bring every time they visit their beautiful property.  To ensure there was enough clearance to fit the caravan through the roller doors, the correct dimensions for the caravan were researched & taken into consideration during the design process of the building.  Paul also incorporated the benches formed during the cut and fill process of the site, on both sides of the shed, in case Vida and Raylene wanted to park their caravan outside.

According to Paul there were a few hiccups along the way, but he couldn’t be prouder of the finished building. “The Mount Whitestone job was not an exceptionally easy job, but it is a project I am very proud to have worked on.  It looks amazing and fits the view perfectly,” said Paul.

Photos simply don’t do this shed and its surrounds any justice.  It is so much more than just a shed; it is a dream escape and a place where many memories will be made.

If you are looking for more than just standard and want something spectacular, then please contact the team at Totalspan Ipswich on 1300 15 15 25.