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Customised Machinery Shed Mackay

Customised Open Front Machinery Shed in Mackay

Rural Machinery Shed with Gable Open

At Totalspan, we proudly offer a building range that is ultra-flexible. In fact, recently the team at Totalspan Mackay used their extraordinary shed experience to build their customer a customised rural machinery shed, designed with an extra wide span of 19m, moreover, this new rural building needed to be butted up against an existing structure.

Here’s how the team at Totalspan Mackay helped their customer build a large open front machinery shed that not only looks great but helps increase the flow of their day to day business activity.

The Customer’s Building Specification

The customer had a pre-existing building and wanted another larger shed, that would complement their existing building and help increase the shed capacity. Ultimately, they wanted a large machinery shed that could accommodate their harvester and large (expensive) farming equipment.

The customer’s agricultural business is located in central-north Queensland, and as such, needed stronger engineering and structural integrity as it is located in a cyclonic region.

Custom Mackay Farm Shed Design

According to the franchise owner at Mackay, Ken Thorning, this once-off customised machinery farm shed needed to “fit hand and glove with the existing shed.”

“This customised building was 19m x 19m x 5m and was designed specifically for our customer to store his harvesters and farm equipment.

“The directive for the shed was for it to be butted up against the (customer’s) existing building, and it required one side to be completely open to allow for easy access. Our customer also wanted a large roller door,” explained Ken.

The design featured spans of up to 19m, and as a result Totalspan’s engineers designed the building with trusses and stitched members.

Customised Farm Shed: Building Process

According to Ken, this customised building presented many challenges, but Totalspan Mackay’s building team and Totalspan’s engineers worked closely to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible.

“As this was a one-off custom designed large building with stitched members and a truss roof it posed a number of challenges for the build team.

“Trusses where put together on site, while the stitched members were done at the factory to help speed up the build process.

“All components where manufactured to size which made it convenient when working with large components.

“Butting the building up against the existing building meant we needed to be precise with our concrete and leg placements, so when the build was completed we were exceptionally pleased with the final result,” explained Ken.

Totalspan Mackay's Customised Machinery Shed

The end result: a great looking, super big customised rural building that is tremendously strong! And of course, most importantly, the team at Totalspan Mackay provided their customer with an ultra-functional steel building solution, that met their customer’s building requirements – and is helping them with their day to day business operations and bottom-line!