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The Ultimate Guide on how to turn your shed into another room

13 September 2021

The Ultimate Guide on How to turn your shed into another room

With the majority of Australians’ spending more time at home than ever before, many of us are finding that we need more space. recently stated that their website search for ‘study’ was up 45% compared to the same period in 2020. More people are working from home which has resulted in the need to create a home office or study. 

Having another room outside the home can help provide separation between your work, exercise or creative space. It is becoming more important than ever before to cultivate a good work-life balance especially for those who work from home. By creating another space within your residence, you can more easily allow yourself to switch off from home/work demands and take time for yourself.

Totalspan Outdoor Retreat

Totalspan Outdoor Studio

A shed can be an easy, attractive and cost-effective way to add an additional room to your home, which can also add value to your property. Adding a few extra components to your shed can quickly transform it into another usable space.


Outdoor retreat

Totalspan Outdoor Retreat

How can I turn my shed into another room?

  • Add insulation
  • Add drywall
  • Add electricity
  • Add lighting
  • Add aircon unit

What room can I turn my shed into? The ideas are endless! A few ideas that we have are:

  • Office or Study
  • Home gym
  • Kids play/games room
  • Workshop
  • Guest house
  • Music studio
  • Art/Creative studio
  • Outdoor living
  • Backyard bar
  • Retreat
Totalspan Home Gym

Totalspan Garaport - Home Gym

Garage and Music Studio

Totalspan Garage - Music Studio also stated that ‘outdoor space’ was the third most-searched keyword and ‘courtyard’ was up 80% year on year. The term ‘granny’ (as in granny flat) was also up 49%. It is clear that people are seeing value in (and needing) these additional spaces within the home.

Outdoor Living

Totalspan Garage with Outdoor Living

Outdoor living

Totalspan Outdoor Living Area

At Totalspan we noticed the ever-increasing need for lifestyle spaces at home and we launched our first Lifestyle Range in 2020. We have continued to add additional designs to our range - you can view the full Totalspan Lifestyle range online. Don’t forget Totalspan custom designs, so if you need different dimensions, colours or window/door placements etc. we will work with you to design your perfect building!

If you are looking for a project during lockdown, you can purchase one of our kitsets and turn your new shed into your own unique space. Our local Totalspan teams are happy to chat about the best solution for you. Contact us today on 1300 15 15 25. Who can? Totalspan!