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Testimonial Moffet Beach Commercial Building

18 September 2018

Working with Totalspan Sunshine Coast

The above video is just another great example of the robust partnerships Totalspan Sunshine Coast form with the people they serve. They understand that their customers aren’t just looking for a shed, but a solution to help them grow their business.

Recently Jason and his team partnered with Andrew Valentine from Andrew Valentine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning to build a much bigger and more practical business premise in Moffet Beach.

Not just a Building, it's an asset!

“I Built my dream shed really. It is 415 square metre shed and 7m high at the lowest point, so we can get plenty of height if I ever want to mezzanine it. I like the colour and everything, it’s come up really good.

It’s been fantastic, because we can drive straight thru it’s easy to load and everything. The boys are really happy.”

Andrew and Jason (Totalspan Sunshine Coast) were faced with a few issues regarding boundaries. They worked through it together and changed the design a little, resulting in what Andrew believes is “a better product.”

“From start to finish, Jase and his team were easy to deal with. Communication was just awesome. Go see Jase and see him at Totalspan,” said Andrew.

Andrew’s commercial shed extra height designed specifically to allow for more room for pallet racking, making a huge difference to the day to day activities of the business.

Totalspan Sunshine Coast are dedicated to providing their customers, their partners, with extensive building experience and exceptional buildings that are ShedSafe Accredited, strong and durable.

If you are looking to invest in a commercial building, then work with a team of professionals you can trust, and who consider you more than just a customer, but a partner. Contact the team at Totalspan Sunshine Coast today on 1300 15 15 25.