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Clearance for Roller Doors

3 July 2017

Measuring for Clearance for your Roller Doors

Got some really big things that need to go into your shed? Make sure you have enough clearance for them to easily fit in through your roller doors.

To help avoid disappointment, we recommend you measure all the big items you plan to keep in your new steel building.

It’s really important we know exactly what needs to go in, so we can make sure there is enough clearance through the roller doors.

Unfortunately, the simple fact is, standard roller doors in most cases, will not fit many boats, trailers or larger vehicles.

It is highly recommended for you to measure all large machinery and equipment you want to keep inside your new steel building and give these measurements to me so I can assess whether or not we have the appropriate dimensions for your needs.

The clearance of roller doors can vary considerably, up to half a metre, and can depend on variable factors such as the actual size of the roller door, how many rollers and where they are positioned.

Totalspan want you to have the best customer experience, in order to avoid being disappointed once your shed is built, please let us know if you need additional clearance for any big toys or equipment you plan to store in your shed.