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Changes to the National Construction Code - Roller Doors

26 April 2019

Important Changes to the National Construction Code – Could your Building be Affected?

It has recently been announced that there will be significant changes to the National Construction Code (NCC). These changes will affect ALL shed companies and suppliers. The changes are set to take place from Wednesday 1st May 2019. 

National Construction Code AS/NZS 1170.2-2011

“The full area of doors, including large access doors (e.g. roller doors) and windows that are normally closed, shall be considered to be openings, unless they are demonstrated to be capable of resisting the applied wind pressures.”

What does this mean?

  • All buildings submitted to council after 1st May 2019, MUST be compliant to the new code.
  • Roller doors MUST be wind rated to the correct wind speed of the building, and
  • A Building’s engineering MUST be designed to withstand door failure.

These changes are being implemented for optimal safety and security in extreme weather events.  Totalspan’s existing engineering and processes are compliant to the new standard with engineered door jambs already in our design. Additionally, we utilise wind speed reporting to validate and give you total security that a building supplied by Totalspan is fully compliant to all code requirements.

However, you will need to speak to your Totalspan Shed Specialist to assess whether you will need to upgrade your roller doors.

While not all building designs will be impacted, if yours is, you will need to ensure we update your quote and design to ensure it is compliant. This is of the utmost importance, as it could significantly affect your insurance cover and could result in issues with council approval and certification.

You Can Commence Building if:

  • Buildings that have been approved prior to the 30th April 2019, can still be erected and will not be governed by these changes.
  • Buildings not requiring approval, can still be purchased and built, please contact us ASAP to accept your quote and pay your deposit so we can submit your building into manufacturing.

WE highly recommend you contact your local Totalspan Representative and discuss your project and requirements.

We are pleased to say, that all Totalspan building quotes will be NCC compliant as of 1st May 2019.