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Cairns Thriving in Rural

Cairns Thriving in the Rural Sector

Totalspan Cairns is driven to help North Queensland farmers find the perfect shed for their rural properties. In a recently completed project, Totalspan Cairn’s franchise owner, Steve Cappochi and his team were asked to help design a large machinery shed. Steve’s customer, Neil, had a design in mind and specific requirements for his rural building. As a result, the team had to work closely with the customer in order to deliver.

The main use of the building was for Neil to park his cane harvester for maintenance in the off season. Additionally, he needed a lock up area to secure his reef boat, and to also use as a workshop for his farm machinery.

The Design

The farm building is 30m long x 12m wide x 5m high. 2 full bays were left open on the southern side as this captures the prevailing south-east wind, making for a cooler working area in the summer. The northern gable end was also left open for harvester access. A 5.5m high clearance was required in the centre of the gable end so he could bring his harvester in at full height.

The enclosed workshop has been fitted with 3 large 4.2m high roller doors to allow cross flow of air and larger machinery access into the workshop.

Stitched portal uprights and rafters were required for this job to accommodate the dominate openings in this cyclonic building. The portal uprights and rafters were 440mm wide and this also provided a great look aesthetically as well. All stitching was done at the factory, which made the job a lot easier.

Stand-out Features

The standout features of this building were the massive openings for cross ventilation, the height clearance for harvester access and Steve’s personal favourite … heaps of room to keep a big reef boat safe from the natural elements.

The Extra Mile

Totalspan Cairns helped facilitate his customer’s requirements, so of which were outside the normal product / service offering to ensure the customer not only got the shed he wanted, but also to ensure they could deliver it on time and within budget.

“In the end, like all jobs we do, if the customer is happy so are we. In this case the customer is very pleased. Not only with the end result (and the photos show this) but the professional manner of all trades, and staff projected over the course of the job,” explained Steve.

If you are based in or around Cairns and are looking for a great machinery shed, then please contact Steve and his team on 1300 15 15 25.